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Have you ever wished you were right there at the start when Yahoo made its debut in 1995? Or when Google came along in 1998, you were right there to take advantage of it? ... Well, if you've missed the boat the first time, here's your chance to ride the next big wave online ...

It's called RSS. Would you be interested if I told you that RSS can get you listed in Yahoo's new directory ... for FREE?

(Well, that's just one of many things you can do with RSS.  Read on ...)


Never heard of it? You're not alone. But it does not matter. In just 5 minutes, you'll know about RSS and more importantly ... how you can PROFIT from it!


Phew! I've read it at last. As ever a work of art from you Adrian, but somehow far more practical than a regular art exhibit. Brilliant.

It's finally made RSS easy to understand and more importantly, I now see the full marketing potential of RSS too.

A great piece of work that will surely become the definitive internet marketers' guide to RSSing.

~ Michael Green


From: Adrian Ling
Wed, 1:40 AM

Dear Friend,

Right now, RSS is still pretty much in the geeks' domain. Many online marketers are still oblivious to RSS (which is good and to your advantage!) ... but that's about to change soon ...

If you're fast, you'll gain competitive advantage over them! ... Your competitors won't even know what hit them!

Isn't it time for you to stay on top of things
for a change?

But I'm getting ahead of myself ... first, let me give you some background info ...

Why should you pay attention to RSS?

Notice the dates on the news release below. It's 2004. The RSS wave is just starting ... You'll be right on top if you take advantage of it now!

Google is considering renewing support for the popular RSS Web publishing format in some of its services. This marks the latest twist in a burgeoning standards war over technology that could change how people read the news... CNET ( 9th June 2004

Microsoft has already sworn support for RSS 2.0 in Longhorn, announcing that the new Windows operating system will support the specification as a core operating system service.

With the support of companies such as the New York Times, Business Week, Microsoft, IBM, and the BBC, RSS is slated to go through a new period of growth in 2004 ...

Companies that don't have an RSS strategy in place by the end of 2004 might be behind the curve; their competitors will probably have already implemented some level of RSS support in their web sites... 23rd January 2004

Online auction giant eBay is the latest e-commerce player to embrace the RSS content syndication format to stay in touch with customers. Internet News . 7th June 2004

And of course, Yahoo! They love RSS so much that they've started a brand new RSS directory and incorporated it into their MyYahoo! technology.

Tip! Would you like to get your site listed in Yahoo's newest directory for FREE? (yes, without paying the $299 to have them review your site). You can - with RSS. I'll show you how in clear simple steps.

RSS is here to stay - and it will change the way we do online marketing in the near future. Will you join in the bandwagon now or wait in the sideline and watch?


So, what is RSS?

RSS has been around since 1997, but it only gained media attention this year (2004). Simply put, RSS is a simple technology for sharing and distributing stuff like data, news headlines and other web page content with other webmasters and users.

RSS is the next big trend online. You've read the news and announcements above by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and many others. More and more people are embracing RSS just like the time when email was first introduced.

Everyone has a humble beginning. Google's first data center was in Larry Page's dormitory room. Yahoo started from a campus trailer. Both are giants today. Those who recognized their potential early reaped massive rewards and profits.

Today, a new window of opportunity awaits - If you've missed the boat the first time, here's your chance to ride the next big wave!

If you hesitate now, this opportunity may close as well.


RSS Made Easy is a superb book packed with the right mix of theory and practical hands-on help.

You have made a technical subject easily understandable, and now publishing RSS feeds on our own websites really is within reach of all webmasters.

Next time my technogeek buddies start yapping on about RSS, I will not only understand, but be able to speak some technogeek of my own."

Dr. Andy Williams


A Brand New, Un-tapped Marketing Channel ...

RSS is rapidly becoming the preferred method of distributing news and information online. Savvy online users are subscribing to RSS feeds to read news online and to receive updates from their favorite publishers.

What does this mean to you? A brand new marketing channel to market your products! As more and more people uses RSS, the market potential is enormous.

(Tip! If you're an ezine publisher, you've another channel to distribute your ezine to thousands of readers!)


Eliminate the Spam Filter Nuisance ...

SPAM is one of the biggest headaches faced by every online marketer. Email marketing is getting harder with each passing day. It is reported that as much as 38% of all emails are being filtered by over-zealous ISPs.

You may have thousands of subscribers, but only a handful is receiving your messages. What can you do?

RSS provides an elegant solution. Send all your marketing messages, follow-ups and promotions directly to your subscribers desktop. No need to worry about spam complains, filters and what nots.


Get FREE Targeted Traffic WITHOUT writing a single word...

What does every website need? Visitors! You need traffic - tons of targeted traffic ... people who are interested in your products and services. You may have the best products and services, but if nobody visits your site, it means nothing at all.

Many owners have paid hundreds, some even paid thousands of dollars for SEO services just to drive traffic to their site but there is a better way ...

RSS gives you an elegant solution. You can easily add and display your articles in hundreds of websites - Automatically! No need to resort to tedious article submissions.

Also, with RSS, adding fresh, relevant content on your website daily is a breeze - You don't have to write a single word. And you can list your site in Yahoo's newest RSS directory - for FREE! Why pay $299?


Does it sound too good to be true?

Let me assure you, it's all true.

Fact 1 - RSS is still at its "infancy" - but it won't remain that way for long. More and more people are embracing RSS everyday.

Do a search for "Email" in Google - there're 290 million results! Do a search for "RSS" - *only* 41 million results.

I can assure you that when Microsoft's support for RSS is finalized in their Windows software, everyone will know about RSS. Over 90% of all PCs connected to the Internet are using Microsoft's Windows software.

Do you want to be a pioneer and profit from RSS? Or would you wait and watch as your competitors leave you in the dust?


Majority of the online marketers have never heard of RSS ...

Fact 2 - Majority of the online marketers are still blissfully un-aware of RSS. Their ignorance is to your advantage! Some have heard of RSS, but ignored it. Some scratched their heads, trying to figure out what the fuss is all about...

However, a handful of smart marketers are quietly using this powerful technology to make their fortune. One of them made $1,080,496.37 in just 1 day - 17th Aug 2004. Yup ... if you guessed John Reese, you're right. It was his Traffic Secrets package that prompted my in-depth research in RSS.


Would you like want to join this elite group of marketers?


If you've been put off by all the technical jargon and geek speak surrounding RSS ... if you've hesitated taking the plunge ... don't be - I've made it really easy for you.

I've done all the home-work for you - everything you need to know about RSS and more importantly, how to PROFIT from it - in plain simple English!

There.s nothing left for you to figure out on your own! It's all been done for you!


Listen to what the beta reviewers says ...

Adrian, your book really DOES make RSS easy to understand!

Having waded through techno-babble some months ago to grasp the concept myself, I'm impressed at how you've managed to put it all into such reader-friendly language.

But what amazed me more was - expecting to find little more than a brief overview of blogs and RSS - to discover you were giving away POWERFUL profiting ideas in the last section. You honestly should consider taking that part out and only sell it for a MUCH higher price!

If anyone has plans - or even dreams - of being the next Hotmail... oops, I meant "HotRSS" - they seriously must be nuts to NOT read your book.

Great job.

author of 'Blog Profit Ideas Exposed'

Hey Adrian,

Man, I just went through RSS and I think it *seriously* rocks...

I have been hearing about RSS and Blogs for some time now and... every time a "conversation" on the subject would start, I was like the guy who nods his head in agreement in order not to be picked on by the others... only I didn't know exactly what the heck people were talking about!

I had tried signing up for "Blogger" a few weeks ago but never made it past the second screen. With your screenshots though it's child's play!

This is a really "dummy-friendly" report...

Two thumbs up!

Have a great weekend,



So, let's summarize - Here's what RSS can do for you...

Get your site listed in Yahoo's latest RSS directory for FREE Now!
(note: this may NOT last forever as Yahoo is currently on a blitz to populate their RSS directory. Once they have sufficient RSS feeds (contents), this window of opportunity may be closed forever. Why pay when you can be listed for free now?)
Update your websites with fresh, relevant contents - automatically - without writing a single word. (psst ... Google loves sites that are updated daily. The spiders usually crawl twice a month - early and at the end of the month. But if your sites are updated daily with fresh contents, Google will come almost daily!)
How to tell the world, and more importantly, the search engine spiders that you've updated your websites.
How to bait the search engine spiders and get them to crawl your site whenever you've added new contents. Why wait until the end of the month or the beginning of the month?
RSS gives you a brand new, un-tapped marketing channel to display your ads, messages, and news directly onto your subscribers desktop!
(Many online marketers are still oblivious to this emerging marketing tool. You can leap frog over them right now!)
Your subscribers accused you of SPAM? ... 40% of your emails bounced? ... Over-zealous ISPs black-list your host because you send too many emails messages? RSS is the perfect solution!
How to get other webmasters to carry YOUR articles, your messages on THEIR websites! No, you don't have to pay them a single cent! ... and you don't have to tediously submit your articles either.

Imagine hundreds of other websites carrying your news and articles - imagine the extra exposure you will receive. What an incredible tool to build your credibility and Brand Name online - effortlessly!


RSS Made Easy ... for the busy marketer! will reveal all that to you and MORE - in plain simple English. No more wading through pages of geek speak!


There is no fluff in this book. It is short and to the point - 56 pages, in plain simple English. No fillers - just what you need to know and how to get it done - quickly and efficiently.

This book is divided into 4 parts:

Part I: Introduction to RSS and Blogs

Introduction to RSS and Blogs. They're often mistaken interchangeably for each other, but they're not. Discover the subtle difference and why it is important.

Learn how to use RSS as an alternative marketing channel to keep in touch with your subscribers, prospects and customers.

Discover how RSS solves the problem of spam filters and bounced emails.


Part II: Blogging for Traffic!

If "Content is King", then, "Traffic is Queen". RSS gives you BOTH!
A very powerful tool indeed!

Discover the secret to get the search engines spiders to visit your site and index your pages - within 24 hrs (Yahoo Bot) and within 10 days (Google Bot).

It doesn't matter even if you don't have any other sites linking to yours.

Step by step guide (with screen shots) to get your site listed in Yahoo's RSS directory - FREE ... actually, PRICELESS!
(This secret was sold not too long ago for $97! ... and it was snapped up like hot cakes!)

HOT Tip: How to update your Blog daily ... even if you hate writing. If you're one of those who *can't* write, you will need this - I will show you how to write a full 5 days worth of blog content in less than 30 minutes. I've included real sample articles to illustrate.

Learn how to syndicate your content and have other webmasters promote and display your articles on their websites for you - at ZERO cost!

Just created your brand new website? Bait the search engines with RSS. Get them to spider your site within a week or less! Here's an experiment I conducted.

I wanted to see how fast I can get the search engine spiders to crawl a brand new site without any external links.

As you can see the screen shots below, both Yahoo and Google has spidered my new site within 2 days!

First day First post on my Blog - 21st Sep 2004. One "unknown spider".

2 days later, 23rd Sep 2004, YahooBot (Inktomi) has visited 10 times,
GoogleBot twice.

7 days later, 28 Sep 2004, YahooBot - 88 times, GoogleBot - 50 times!

In just 7 days, GoogleBot has crawled my brand new website - 50 times! - even though I don't have any external sites linking to me.

Of course, getting the spiders to crawl your site is just half the story - the other half - how to get them to visit your websites daily and index your pages?

This requires you to frequently update your sites with fresh contents! Thankfully, RSS comes to the rescue again ...


Part III: Traffic Without Writing

In Part II, you learned how to easily update your blog daily with fresh, keyword focused contents. You do that until the search engine spiders visits your site.

In Part III, you'll discover the other side of the "RSS Magic" - getting traffic without writing a single word!

This is ideal for those who hate or *can't* write. You can easily use RSS to display fresh, relevant content on your pages that's automatically updated daily - a super magnet for the search engine spiders.

You will need a type of software called RSS Aggregators. You may have heard of Express RSS and RSS Equalizer. (ranging from $67 to $97). They are excellent! I've purchased them both.

However, what you may not know is that there are free alternatives as well. If budget is a concern, then I'll show you where you can download similar software for free! ... and teach you how to use it as well!

Tip: There are distinct advantages in purchasing commercial software - not many marketers knows about this secret - but I will reveal it to you.


Part IV: A Leap Into the Future ...

If you had known that search engines and Per-Per-Clicks would be a multi-billion dollar business, would you have jumped into the bandwagon in the late 1990s? Of course you would. But that is in the past. No point saying "I wished ..."

You're in the present now. Is there a way to see what the future holds? An ancient Chinese proverb says,

"The best way to predict the future is to ...
... Create it yourself!"

This final section ... is a gold mine. I've spent weeks researching the Net, seeking out what the big companies and netpreneurs are doing with RSS, ... what are the various RSS opportunities ... and where this technology is heading.

This section contains examples, urls of websites and ideas where you can take RSS one step further ... and profit from it!

Below is an email from Dr. Mani - a well known authority on Blogs and RSS.

26 Oct 2004
Hi Adrian

I've had a quick look at your book and it looks very good.

It might be a thought to .... sell the 4th section alone for a fee - it is worth a lot, as you well know :)

I've been working on an interesting idea I got after reading your RSS book - and it will make a nice backend (along with many others) for your own project. I even bought the domain to go with the idea, it should be ready to launch in a few hours. Will send you more info soon.


I sent him a review copy (1st draft) on the 25th Oct. Note the date on his email to me - 26th Oct! In less than 24 hours my book had inspired him to search for and acquire a domain and build a site nearly ready for launch.

You too can benefit from the many hours of research I've poured into this book - 2 full months to be exact!

I'll be honest with you - if you want to plough through masses of daunting technical literature, if you want to spend 2 laborious months doing research on the Internet; you will probably discover the secrets that I've revealed in this book.

Otherwise for just $67 $47 - you can have all this information simply presented, easy to read, and available to you by download in the next minute.

Like many other marketers, I guess, I know I should be paying attention to RSS - but can't face reading volumes of technical detail.

Thankfully Adrian's book has come to the rescue.

In an easy to read and flowing style he gets to the heart of the matter, immediately telling us why we should learn about RSS and how it can benefit us.

He backs this up with clever analogies and good examples.

Not content with showing how RSS can improve our current marketing operation he goes on to list numerous future opportunities awaiting anyone prepared to get in early on what will soon become a killer technology.

Harvey Segal


After reading 'RSS Made Easy', I felt compelled to drop you a few lines ...

Up until I read your ebook, I was surprised that no one thought of putting together a simple guide to learning what RSS is all about, and using it for all it's worth.

After all, automatically updated, syndicated content is arguably the most important communication method since the advent of email ... and may even eclipse it in the near future due to rising deliverability issues.

To make a long story short, thanks for providing us with an easy to follow RSS 'how to' guide that makes this magnificent technology a whole lot easier to understand ... and employ.

Mike Merz

Adrian, you have done it again. You have always been known for over-delivering but this is just one step beyond that again. I thought I knew a thing or two about RSS and Blogs until I read your book. The information inside just blew me away, in fact, I wish you hadn't released it

For anyone who wants to know the secret of driving unlimited traffic to their website, then grab this real quick before Adrian takes it off the market. Truly an outstanding job. Well done!

Mark McRae,

Hey Adrian,

I just read through your RSSMade Easy ebook...fascinating! It's full of insight on how 'right now' marketers can take advantage of the coming RSS wave.

I like new technologies and you took something that seems very complicated and made it extremely easy to grasp.

I didn't know what was going on with RSS for sure till I read your book. Now my perspective is clear...

This is one of the books to have in 2005, but thanks for giving some of us a head start on the rest of the world by making it available in late 2004.

Michael Nicholas,


Are you ready to ride the next big wave online?

I am so completely convinced that this is the best investment you could ever make for your Online Business that I am going to take all the risk away from you, at this very moment.

You get a full 90 days to use all the secrets I revealed in RSS Made Easy and see if it really works as well as I say it does! If you don't feel that it is worth hundreds of times what you paid for it, simply ask for your money back. We'll refund 100% of your money - no questions asked! For whatever reason.

I will even let you keep the eBook plus all the bonuses as my way of saying "thank you" for trying it out.

As I said before, I don't want you to pay a single penny if it doesn't work for you!


Only $67

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our products. If the RSS Made Easy is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked. That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise. No quibbles and no questions asked.




P.S. Your free Gifts ...

FREE GIFT #1:  Lifetime Updates! - As you already know, the internet moves at the speed of light. RSS is a *new* and exciting technology, and it will continue to revolve. Your purchase includes valuable LIFETIME updates on RSS. (value: ???)

FREE GIFT #2:  Spider Alert Script - Your web stats will only show you how many times the spiders visits your site.

This powerful script will tell you when (date and time) the spiders visits your site, and the exact page(s) the spider crawled! This data is priceless if you ever want to do analysis. (value: $19.97)

FREE GIFT #3:  Stealth Linking Method - I discovered this little secret by accident. Have you ever wanted to link to a new website you've created but you do not want your competitors to know about it?

(hint: you would want to do this if your new site is a profitable niche site!)

This hot 2 page report will show you how you can easily do that - use the stealth linking method to link from your high PR site to your new niche website. This will get the spiders to crawl your new site quickly!

This stealth method is perfectly legal, and won't get you banned - I guarantee it! You can even use the appropriate keywords in the anchor tags! (value: $39)


Click here now for your 90-day RISK-FREE Trial of RSS Made Easy
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